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About Pelham House

At Pelham House, we aim to enable our residents to continue living as independently as possible by receiving 24-hour residential support. We provide a high standard of accommodation and care, and our policy is to provide residents with a secure, relaxed and homely environment in which care, wellbeing and comfort are of prime importance.

We value each and every individual who comes to live at Pelham House, welcoming applications from people from all walks of life. You are assured that all residents will be treated with dignity and respect according to their individual wishes.


Our Ethos

Communicate with me by touch & body language as well as words

Accept me with my limitations, my likes, my dislikes and my needs

Reassure me that I am understood, valued and secure

Enter my world, because I cannot enter fully into yours

High quality support with a Day-to-Day Programme of agreed meaningful activity, enabling residents to maximise their independence, pursue personal development, and to meet their religious needs.

We’ll ensure that individual requests are met as much as is possible in a shared living environment.

The Key Principles of Individual Person-Centred Care Planning allows our residents to continue to be involved in activities of life, such as making decisions and to take risks enabling them to have more control whilst being supported within a safe care environment.

Predominantly staffed by our Home Employees, and on occasion supplemented from 2 Agencies to ensure continuity of care. All staff are trained to the highest level and are subject to regular supervisions and appraisals.